Here's a few thoughts on the benefit of a lawn.

Having a lawn provides the home owner and the surrounding area with many benefits. 

60sq metres of lawn will produce enough oxygen per day for one person, cuts down air pollution. It cleans carbon dioxide, dust and other particulates from the air and a healthy lawn absorbes rain preventing run off, it also filters the rain as it passes through returning clean water to the ground.

In summer, lawns have a significant cooling effect because of the water vapour they respire during the day. This means that a lawn area can be up 10 - 20 degrees centigrade cooler than patios, drives and pavements.

Lawns also reduce ambient noise levels by absorbing the sound rather than reflecting it back into the surrounding area. This is particularly relevant for the urban lawn owner.

Lawns are a haven for wildlife and act as feeding areas for garden birds. If a small area is allowed to grow and go to seed this provides a late season food source for birds, particularly finches, and also harbours insects for other garden birds.

Of course one of the main benefits of the lawn is its beauty. A healthy green lawn is very relaxing to look at and adds significant value to your home.