Do I want a play area or somewhere to relax and read a good book?


Johnsons Tuffgrass, General Purpose, Quick Fix and Quick Lawn are ideal for a lawn that is subject to high traffic such as children’s play areas or pets.

As a result of Johnsons extensive grass research and breeding programme these mixtures are:

  • Quicker to germinate and establish
  • Can be successfully sown at lower temperatures
  • Are greener all year round
  • Have better drought tolerance
  • Require less water and fertiliser

The grasses used are used extensively around the world in top sporting venues and world class tournaments.

Maybe just to sit and admire?

If your lawn is more for show, not subject to heavy wear and tear choose the Johnsons Luxury Lawn.  Luxury Lawn produces a neat and compact turf from uniformly fine leaves.

Shady Areas

Johnsons Shady Lawn is as it states on the box!  Specially formulated to produce an excellent lawn under semi and relatively shady conditions.