Super Smart Lawn feed - 100% Organic Ingredients

Super Smart Lawn Feed The only feed you need

Super Smart contains three naturally occurring ingredients, bacteria to feed your lawn, micronutrients to make the grass grow green and mycorrhizae to increase the roots.


Beneficial bacteria – specifically, Azospirillum, attach themselves to the roots of the grass and fix nitrogen from the atmosphere. The bacteria also excrete plant hormones , cytokinin and vitamins. The benefit is that Nitrogen is fixed right next to the plant root where it is needed most. Weeds are not fed and leaching is minimal.


Seaweed extract - ensures the availability of micronutrients and gives a gentle and natural green up to the grass plants. Many lawn fertilisers use iron to achieve this effect which over the long term has a detrimental effect on the soil.


Mycorrhizae – can increase the root system by up to 150 times. In a lawn the close proximity of other grass plants eventually means they all become connected through the mycorrhizal network sharing water and nutrients for a healthier lawn. The mycorrhizae in Super Smart is soluble and can be applied to new, existing and establishing lawns and watered in by rain/hosepipe. Most mycorrhizae products have to be applied to bare soil so are only used for new sowings.

Creates dense, green, slow growing lawns

Thick grass helps prevent weeds and moss

Long lasting effect

No animal by products or synthetic fertiliser

Safe for children, pets and wildlife

Suitable for new, establishing and existing lawns

Suitable for use in Spring, Summer or Autumn

Created by nature perfected by Johnsons

100% Organic


When to use

Anytime when the grass is growing, usually between February and September, do not apply in freezing or drought conditions.

How to use

Super Smart lawn feed is a concentrated lawn feed that only requires application at 10g m2. This pack will feed a lawn of up to 100m2. You can apply it at a higher rate, up to 30g m2, if required without scorching or harming your lawn. It will help if you mow the lawn first as the fertiliser will have better contact with ground, applying before rain is a good idea or you can simply water in the fertiliser yourself.

Apply evenly at 10g m2 from the pack using the inbuilt applicator or use a suitable spreader.