After Moss is a 100% Amenity Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass mix coated in a specially formulated, calcium carbonate based, Anti-Moss shell that gently raises the pH of the soil to help deter the return of moss.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed is produced by DLF Trifolium, the UKís largest grass seed company. A leading player in the professional sports sector, Johnsons brings a wealth of experience to the leisure gardener with a range designed to create a lawn for every lifestyle. Based on extensive consumer research, Johnsons Lawn Seed produces high-quality options tailored to the consumerís individual requirements as well as to the changing weather patterns. The range is suitable for both sowing a new lawn and overseeding an existing lawn.

Finding the right LAWN seed
It is so important to choose the correct seed for your lawn, that's why we have come up with a simple to use but effective Lawn Selector.

The 1 - Fastest Formula Lawn Seed
The 1
Uses a new breed of lawn Perennial Ryegrass, its larger seeds have more energy, making The 1 the quickest lawn mix to germinate and establish. The 1 lawn mix develops deeper roots than standard Amenity Perennial Ryegrass lawn mixtures meaning it is more resistant to drought and maintains a better colour through the summer months. The 1 is more resistant to cold weather too meaning the lawn emerges fitter and stronger in the springtime.

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