Grass Graffiti is a chalk spray specifically designed for use on grass. It is non-toxic, very quick to dry and does not harm the grass, the only extra ingredient required is imagination to create any number of applications from sports marking to lawn art.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed is produced by DLF Trifolium, the UKís largest grass seed company. A leading player in the professional sports sector, Johnsons brings a wealth of experience to the leisure gardener with a range designed to create a lawn for every lifestyle. Based on extensive consumer research, Johnsons Lawn Seed produces high-quality options tailored to the consumerís individual requirements as well as to the changing weather patterns. The range is suitable for both sowing a new lawn and overseeding an existing lawn.

Finding the right LAWN seed
It is so important to choose the correct seed for your lawn, that's why we have come up with a simple to use but effective Lawn Selector.

Adam Henson - at home with nature
Adam HensonRange of conservation and wild flower mixtures
The Adam Henson range has been created to produce an ever-changing landscape of colour, that attracts and provides valuable cover and food sources for all kinds of garden wildlife.
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