How to choose your lawn seed mixture.

Here at Johnsons lawn seed, we have three easy steps to follow when choosing your lawn seed.

Watch the video for help choosing the best lawn seed mixture for your garden or read our 3 easy steps below...


      Step 1

Decide what effects your lawn the most?

Is it wear and tear from use by people & pets?

Patching and repairs?

Is it shade?

Is it mown short & often, a lawn just to look at?

A combination of these?

Step 2

Match mix name to requirement

Tuffgrass for wear & tear

Quick Fix for patches

Shady Place for shaded areas

Luxury Lawn for a beautiful close mown ornamental lawn

General Purpose for all of these


Step 3

Improve your choice

Now you can add in those extra requirements to improve your choice

If you have dogs, Johnson’s Tuff Grass is the best choice as it’s scientifically proven to be resistant to dog pee.

If you need an all round mix that is quick to establish but does not need more mowing then Quick Lawn is the best choice.

If it’s early or late in the season Anytime is an all round mix that germinates at low temperatures

If you have removed moss from the lawn then After moss is a great choice to fill in the bare areas


So that’s it

  1. Decide what’s happening with your lawn
  2. Match the name of the mix
  3. Improve your choice
  • Johnsons Lawn Seed breed, grow and distribute all their grass seed and it’s independently tested for purity and germination to guarantee its quality to produce the best grass seed mixtures.