How to choose the correct lawn seed mixture.

Selecting a lawn seed mixture used to be a simple choice of Front Lawn or Back Lawn. Today there are many different mixtures available to the gardener and hundreds to the professional landscaper. However, there is a simple method to use to narrow down this choice.

Stress and convenience

All lawns endure “stress” and identifying the key stress suffered by your lawn will help you make an informed choice.

What types of stress do lawns suffer?

Wear & tear is a common lawn stress, this comes from children playing on the surface, dogs, regular walking on the same route. Close mowing, mowing a lawn very short stresses grass. Shade is a very common stress from walls, fences, hedges and trees. Drought, is more common than most people realise where a lawn can suffer from a lack of water because of competition from other plants or trees or simply from shelter created by buildings.

In reality most lawns suffer from a combination of all these but there is usually one predominant stress affecting the lawn. Identify which stress this is, for example wear and tear, and you are most of the way to selecting the correct mixture. Convenience is also part of the selection choice, most lawn owners want their lawn seed to germinate and establish quickly and maybe to fertilise the area too, or if thickening a lawn to target the fertiliser on the new grass only.

For instance if you mow your lawn very short, possibly twice a week in the growing season, you will need grasses that tolerate this stress. Red fescue and browntop bent are the grasses required and you will find these in Johnson’s Luxury Lawn. If you require a lawn to withstand wear and tear you must select a mixture that includes perennial ryegrass as this is the most wear tolerant species available. The best varieties are the “turf type” or “amenity” ryegrasses found in Johnson’s Tuff Grass, General Purpose and Quick Lawn. Shaded areas, both wet and dry, require red fescue, hard fescue and browntop bent and these species are included in Johnson’s Shady Place mixture.

If your lawn needs a mixture to tolerate all these stresses and look fine and dense then Johnson’s Quick Lawn is the best selection. It combines very fine leaved amenity ryegrass and high quality red fescue offering tolerance to wear, close mowing and wet or dry shaded areas.


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