Autumn Care

As the days grow shorter and the garden begins to go to dormancy, autumn is the best time to sow lawn seed.

As the days get shorter and the garden begins to go into dormancy, autumn is the best time to sow lawn seed if you want great results and more enjoyment from your garden. Having done the hard work of preparing the site in the summer, sowing seed is relativley easy - but choosing the wrong type of seed can undo all your hard work. Before you shop for lawn seed it's vital that you first decide how much use - or abuse your lawn is likely to get!

If you know you're going to use your lawn for playing outdoor games and hosting regular family barbecues, you need to aim for an amenity lawn, made up of mixtures that contain hard wearing ryegrass. If you want your lawn to be the envy of all to see, second only to the local golf course - you'll need to employ mixtures that feature bents or fescues.

Choosing your seed

Looking at the Johnsons Lawn Seed range, it couldn't be easier to see what type of lawn you'll be aiming for - and which breeds of grass are included - simply by just looking on the carton.

Johnsons Ryegrass mixtures for amenity lawns:

Any time
Quick Lawn
Quick Fix
General Purpose
Tuff Grass - dog patch resistant

Johnsons non-ryegrass mixtures:

Luxury lawn with Seedbooster
Shady with Seedbooster