Lawn Thickener with Seedbooster®

Perfect for thickening tired lawns quickly!
Available in 425gm and 1.275kg cartons

Perfect for thickening tired lawns, patches or even new lawns. The Seedbooster® treatment on Lawn thickener is child, pet and environmentally friendly and acts as a harmless bird deterrent too.
Seedbooster® is a innovative two in one seed coating developed for the professional turf market. Each seed is wrapped in its own parcel of fast and slow release fertiliser, the seed germinates sooner and establishes faster!

Seedbooster® treated seed gives you

  • 30% more grass
  • Faster germination and establishment
  • Child, pet and environmentally friendly
  • Harmlessly deters birds
  • A new, energised lawn


Species used:

Fine leaved Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass

For more information about Seedbooster®, watch our new Lawn thickener video below!

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