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How do Johnsons ensure they bring the best quality to the consumer

Why Johnsons ? We all like the best for our money and whether you are planning to establishing a new lawn or maintaining an existing lawn it’s well worth your while to get the right seed.
Earlier this year, Johnsons Lawn Seed brought to market one of the most exciting lawn seed innovations for many years. Rolled out across its General Purpose, Tuffgrass, Quick Fix and Quick Lawn products, the new formula lawn seed represents a significant step forward in lawn seed. But what does ‘innovation in lawn seed’ really mean, and how does the new formula differ from what is already available on the market today?

Dedicated ! Very few people really understand the journey that lawn seed undertakes before it hits the shelves in garden centres and wider retailers. All Johnsons Lawn Seed products, no matter the variety or blend, has been developed as part of a 15-year breeding and R&D programme. DLF – Johnsons Lawn Seed’s parent company – dedicates a huge part of its business to research and development, with 1 in 10 members of staff working under the R&D banner. This investment means that they are able to develop the hardest working lawn seed. As a result, consumers can rest assured that every single seed that fills its boxes has been carefully researched, evolved and selected by a dedicated team of R&D specialists, with the ultimate aim of providing a product that delivers a stunning lawn every time.

Johnsons New Formula offers something other lawn seeds don’t! The latest formula introduction represents a significant evolution within lawn seed technology. The DLF R&D and breeding teams have developed a consumer seed first – a tetraploid lawn seed which has three times as much energy as ordinary seeds. Quite simply this means that the seed performs better than any competitor seed, including such benefits as quicker germination and establishment, the ability to sow at temperatures as low as 3°C, improved colour, better drought tolerance and the need to water and fertilise less regularly compared to other lawn seed products.
Johnsons Lawn Seed’s new formula features tetraploid ryegrass, whereas previous formula only featured a diploid variety. The terms 'diploid' and 'tetraploid' ryegrass refers to the number of chromosomes per cell in the grass plant. Diploids have two sets of chromosomes per cell while tetraploid have four. Anyone who remembers their school science lessons will know that the extra chromosome provides not only a bigger cell size, but also supplies more energy to the seed.
This extra energy, when planted, is expended within 10 days, delivering quicker germination rates. The extra energy also provides deeper roots, which explains why grass grown from a tetraploid seed requires less watering and feeding. Deeper roots also come into their own during periods of drought as they have the capabilities to locate water from sources far below the surface.
Extra energy also means that the new formula mixes from Johnsons Lawn Seed are almost fool-proof. Many people suffer from lawn seed failure as a result of burying the seed too deep. The poor little seeds do not have enough energy to break through to the surface, however in the case of the tetraploid new formula, this problem has been combatted. The extra energy delivers the grass shoot to the surface, whilst driving the roots deeper for a much firmer and permanent rate of establishment and development of a long-lasting, hardwearing lawn.

What does the future hold for lawn seed from Johnsons Lawn Seed?
Leading the field in lawn seed innovation will continue to underpin the work that the Johnsons Lawn Seed and the DLF R&D team undertake. Supported by activity such as the Campaign for Quality, Johnsons Lawn Seed will be working hard to help consumers get up close and personal with their lawns. Guy Jenkins said: “Growing a beautiful lawn couldn’t be easier; in fact, it is easier than growing your own vegetables at home. Our latest innovation has been designed to reduce the time needed to sow and maintain the lawn, allowing consumers more time to just get out in the garden to enjoy their outside space. For us, this is just the beginning! Our latest formula is merely the start of the next generation of lawn seed evolution.”

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