Celebrate World Bee Day and support biodiversity with Johnsons Lawn Seed's wildflower mixes

World Bee Day takes place on 20th May and aims to highlight the role that bees play in our ecosystem. The UK and Ireland are home to over 270 species of bees which are essential pollinators, responsible for the growth of many fruits, vegetables, and flowers. However, bee populations worldwide are declining due to factors like habitat loss and pesticide use but leading brand Johnsons Lawn Seed has the answer for attracting honey-producing pollinators to your outdoor space and how to create a bee-friendly garden.

Pollinators are essential to the world's biodiversity, as nearly three-quarters of our global food crops rely on bees and other beneficial insects. Pollination is key to our food supply, with one in three bites of food depending on this process. Bees and other pollinators also allow the cross-pollination of flowers, leading to the production of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds from plot to plate.

With the theme of “Bee engaged with youth” for this year’s event recognising how the younger generation is key to addressing the decline of our beneficial insects Johnsons Celebration Wildflower Tins stands out as a top choice for all who want to do their bit to help protect these stripey biodiversity champions.

Filled with a mixture of 15 wildflower seeds, without any additional bulking agents, bees can enjoy Paper Daisy, Pheasant’s Eye, Pot Marigold, Cornflower, Cosmos, Painted Daisy, Dwarf Morning Glory, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, California Poppy, Fineflower, Farewell to Spring, Baby’s Breath, Candy Tuft, Love-in-as- Mist and Corn Poppy.

Celebration tins of wildflower seed contain enough to cover an area of up to 15m2, which makes them a great value purchase, keeping the children entertained over half term. A quick win for bees and those that want instant colour, the wildflowers will appear in just eight weeks, and a garden will come to life with buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies with minimal effort.

Johnsons Country Meadow Wildflower Mix has been developed specifically for nature enthusiasts to attract pollinators, as well as help those who want to seed their lawns.

The flowers in the lawn mix, such as Birdsfoot Trefoil, Common Vetch, Meadow Buttercup, Oxeye Daisy, and others, provide different colours, textures and heights, which can create an attractive and dynamic meadow. Additionally, these wildflowers are known for their adaptability to various soil types and climates, making the mix a good choice for a wide range of gardens and lawns, creating a thriving ecosystem that supports pollinators throughout the growing season.

As well as planting wildflower seeds, you can also attract bees with a bee-friendly insect hotel in a south-facing spot outside where it can get plenty of sun. It's also essential to keep bees hydrated to help them continue their work as pollinators. One simple way to provide water for bees is to set up a water source in your garden. You can do this by placing a shallow tray filled with water and lining it with rocks. The rocks serve as landing pads for the bees, allowing them to safely access the water without the risk of drowning.

Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Johnsons Lawn Seed said: “Sadly, it’s estimated that 35 bee species are threatened with extinction in the UK but both our Celebration and Country Meadow mix can help you create a haven for bees and other pollinators while adding beauty and biodiversity to an outdoor space. Not only will the wildflower ranges create a positive impact in your outdoor space but also on World Bee Day and beyond.”

Bursting with colour and diversity, the Celebration mix is a great impulse buy at an accessible price point of £9.99, providing the most novice of gardeners to do their bit to help the bees. Country Meadow Mix is available for £14.99.

Follow these simple steps to cultivate a vibrant wildflower garden that blooms beautifully for World Bee Day. Whether you're looking to revive an existing garden or start a new wildflower patch, Johnsons Lawn Seed offers an array of mixtures to suit your garden and bring bees to your doorstep. Discover our range of wildflower and lawn seed mixes on our website: www.johnsonslawnseed.com