Summer fun unleashed with Johnsons: Tuffgrass makes lawns tough enough for dogs

Summer is here, and it's time to create a fun and functional outdoor space for the whole family, including your furry friend! This year, ditch the battle against muddy paws and ruined lawns with Johnsons Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance, the ideal grass seed for dog-friendly gardens.

"Dog owners know the struggle of keeping their lawns looking lush with an energetic pup around," says Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Johnsons Lawn Seed. "But with Johnsons Tuffgrass, you can create a beautiful, hardwearing lawn that can withstand playtime without sacrificing your green grass."

Johnsons Tuffgrass: The Secret Weapon for Dog-Loving Lawns

Saying goodbye to patchy, dog-wrecked lawns is finally a reality with Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance. Through extensive research, the team at parent company, DLF Seeds have cracked the code on pet-proof grass. Experts conducted a whopping 672 tests, simulating dog urine on 168 different grass varieties! This dedication has paid off. They've identified specific grasses that shrug off doggy accidents, some completely unscathed. Even with the occasional mishap, Tuffgrass bounces back quickly, leaving you with a lush, green lawn.

But Tuffgrass is more than just resilient. It's built for active pups and families. Whether your dog loves frisbee or your kids enjoy energetic games, Tuffgrass can handle the wear and tear. This hardwearing seed blend also delivers a beautiful green lawn, enhancing your entire outdoor space. It boasts excellent resistance to low temperatures and snow, making it ideal for the unpredictable UK climate. Plus, its improved drought-resistance means you can spend less time worrying about watering and more time enjoying your lush green haven.

And the best part? Tuffgrass aligns perfectly with eco-conscious consumer trends. It's a natural and safe solution for families – the dog patch-resistant mixture is 100% grass seed, free from any unnecessary additives. So you can enjoy a beautiful, resilient lawn with peace of mind.

Creating a dog friendly oasis

This summer, ditch the park and turn your garden into a tail-wagging wonderland for your furry best friend! Imagine lazy afternoons under a shade sail, splashing in a doggy pool, or evenings spent chilling together. With a few simple tweaks, your outdoor space can become a haven for both you and your pup, the ultimate spot for summertime fun.

  • Safe plants: Swap lilies for lavender! Many common plants are toxic to dogs. Choose safe options like roses, sunflowers or herbs.
  • Potted playgrounds: Keep curious paws off your prize plants by planting them in pots. They're great for colourful displays too!
  • Sniffing adventures: Stimulate your dog with different textures like grass, slabs and mulch. Add scented herbs for extra fun.
  • Playful paradise: Dedicate a space for toys, climbing structures (tunnels!), and a digging pit with mulch. Don't forget shade and a water bowl to keep your pup cool and hydrated!
  • Natural pest control: Ditch chemicals or use organic sprays from Neudorff to control pests! Use crushed eggshells, citrus traps, or soapy water on aphids. Consider companion planting with pet-friendly herbs.
  • Fort Knox for canines: Ensure secure fencing (at least 6ft for jumpers!), with no gaps for escape artists. Block potential digging areas with paths. Lock gates and sheds!

Whether you're reviving an existing lawn or starting anew, Johnsons Lawn Seed offers a variety of mixtures to suit your garden needs. Discover the full range of our products on our website: